Meet the Team

Bryan Foster

General Manager

Experience: Bryan started in the new construction concrete foundation industry at the age of 12 years old working with his father. Growing up in the basement industry has giving Bryan a vast knowledge of basement construction. With this in-depth knowledge of how to build new foundations; Bryan has taking that knowledge and applied to to the basement repair industry. We are truly proud to have Bryan as part of our valued team.

Why Foundation Specialist?: Bryan enjoys working here because of the teamwork and friendships he has built over the many years of working with our company. Also he enjoys the challenge to diagnosis of what is causing the customers foundation issues and coming up with the best repair plan possible.

Hobbies: Swimming, biking, golf, snow boarding, riding jet skis and snowmobiles.

Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle

Project Manager

Experience: 25 plus years in the construction industry building and repairing foundations.

Why Foundation Specialist?: Tim really enjoy helping people make their homes safe and healthy.

Hobbies: Sports, hiking and biking.

From Tim: I have met many great friends, and I really enjoy meeting new people.